More than school supplies, we bring Backpacks of joy!

It is a child’s right to receive an education, to attend school and be given the opportunity to build a better future. Unfortunately not every child has the means necessary to make this right as easily accessible, especially in third world countries. That is why Cuentos de Triadas INC. Fundación Caricatura and the Salvadoran Consulate of Long Island teamed up to provide 150 children in Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic with backpacks with basic school supplies to attend their local schools. Also to provide 150 children in the community of El Congo, El Salvador with the school supplies that are not provided by the government (coloring pencils, plastic 2-pocket folders, construction paper, multi colored printing paper, glue sticks, and pencil sharpeners).

  • We are estimating $20 per backpack

  • Shipping to Dominican Republic will vary pending amount of boxes filled. Average cost per box is $80 U.S. dollars.

  • Approximately 4-5 boxes wil be shipped.

  • Our fundraising event will be held on Friday July 26th, 2019 at 6pm at the Salvadoran Consulate in Brentwood N.Y.

  • Our objective is to surpass our set goal and provide as many more children as possible with school supplies.

Stay tuned for other opportunities to spread joy!

Son más que útiles escolares, son ¡Mochilas Alegres!

Mochilas Alegres en Youtube

2018 was the second year in which we brought backpacks and school supplies to a small community in Samaná, Dominican Republic. In 2019 we went back to D.R., with support from Fundación Caricatura and the Salvadoran Consulate of Brentwood, we were also able to add a visit to El Congo, El Salvador, where we gave out school supplies and backpacks to children within that community.

2020 has presented many challenges, and although we were unable to bring backpacks of joy where we had planned we continue to contribute to causes that affect our local and international communities.

El 2018 fue el segundo año en el cual  llevamos mochilas y útiles escolares a una pequeña comunidad en Samaná, República Dominicana. En el 2019 regresamos, con el apoyo de Fundación Caricatura y el Consulado Salvadoreño de Brentwood, y agregamos una visita a El Congo, El Salvador, donde también entregamos útiles escolares a niñas y niños de la comunidad. 

El 2020 ha presentado un sinnúmero de retos, y a pesar de no haber podido llevar a cabo la campaña continuamos contribuyendo en causas que afectan nuestra comunidad local e internacional. 

“Since you get more joy out of giving joy to others, you should put a good deal of thought into the happiness that you are able to give.” ―Eleanor Roosevelt

It’s a child’s right to receive an education, to attend school and be given the opportunity to build a better future.

Backpacks of Joy